Pastoral Services

“God is light; In him there is no darkness...”  

[1 John 1:5]

Baby Baptism Ceremony


Confirmation is an important part of your journey of faith where you confirm the promises made at your baptism. 

If you were baptised as a child your parents and godparents made these promises for you and a confirmation service is for you to affirm these promises yourself.

To discuss your needs contact The Reverend Martin Otter 

For more information about confirmation and The Church of England click below.

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Everyone has led a life which is unique to them. A funeral service should reflect that person's life. 

We will work with the family of the deceased to make sure the funeral service gives thanks for all that was special about them. 

We will be there for you from that first contact, throughout the service and for as long as you need us afterwards. 

To discuss a funeral contact The Reverend Martin Otter. 

For more information about funerals and The Church of England click below.


A baptism is the start of journey of faith, whatever the age. 

We understand that to a parent, a child is very precious. By taking the first step on this amazing journey you are recognising how precious your child is to God as well.


As an adult wishing to be baptised we understand your day is equally as important.

To discuss a baptism, for any age, contact The Reverend Martin Otter. 

For more information about baptisms and The Church of England click below.

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A ceremony of marriage is a beautiful commitment between two people who love and cherish each other and your special day should reflect that.

Getting married in a church is often just more than a venue to the couple involved. You will be looking for a service which is meaningful and personal to you both.

Our team are committed to making sure your day is memorable. To discuss your needs contact The Reverend Martin Otter who will be happy to spend the time with you to ensure your day shines. 

For more information about marriage and The Church of England, including your rights to be married in church, click below.

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